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File Formats for ebook

I ask ChatGPT about file formats for ebook.

What ChatGPT Says about file formats for ebook:

Q: File format ebook

There are several file formats that can be used for ebooks, the most common ones include:

  1. EPUB: This is an open standard format that is widely accepted by e-readers, including the Nook and the Kobo. EPUB files can be read on most e-reading devices and apps, and can be easily converted to other formats.
  2. MOBI: This is the format used by Amazon Kindle devices and apps. MOBI files can be read on Kindle devices and apps, and can also be converted to other formats.
  3. PDF: This is a popular format for ebooks, as it preserves the layout and formatting of the original document. However, PDF files are not as versatile as EPUB or MOBI files and are not as easily adapted to different screen sizes and e-reading devices.
  4. AZW3: This is an exclusive format for Amazon Kindle books, it is similar to the MOBI format and can be read on Kindle devices and apps.

When self-publishing an ebook, it is important to ensure that the file is in a format that is compatible with the platforms and devices where it will be sold. Many self-publishing platforms also provide tools to convert a manuscript into the desired format.

What Anna Says:

This is a good list. I tend to use epub, because it’s accepted by Amazon KDP, Draft2Digital and Google Play Books. This means that I only need to format it once and I can publish in multiple places.

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