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Shop: Self-Publishing Sydney

Your self-published book is just ‘a whim away’! Welcome to the online shop for self-publishing Sydney consulting services by A Whim Away PTY LTD.

I will help you through the self-publishing process of your fiction novel, by supporting you through the requirements of the various self-publishing platforms out there.

What are the main stages of self-publishing in general?

There are six main stages in self-publishing a work of fiction, and each stage can be comprised of multiple steps. The stages are:

  1. Finish your manuscript
  2. Edit
  3. Format
  4. Cover
  5. Publish
  6. Promote

Self-Publishing Sydney: Technologies Used

In my writing and self-publishing work, I use the international self-publishing platforms of Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Draft2Digital, Google Play Books, Ingram Spark. I upload ebooks and print on demand (POD) formats. I purchase my ISBNs from Thorpe-Bowker (Australia)

I am also familiar with the supporting tools of Upwork, Canva, Scrivener, Microsoft Office, MailChimp, Buffer, WordPress, Xero, Sendle.

I self-publish through A Whim Away PTY LTD, an Australian-based company. I know about the requirements relevant to self-publishing from Australia through international platforms, as applied to a company. Things you may want to consider include company structure, taxes and fees, and copyright.

You can find more information about self-publishing through my blog.

Self-Publishing Sydney: Services

For coaching and general advice, I charge $100/hour (+ GST).

For admin assistance services, I charge $30/hour (+ GST).

I also offer a beginner’s course for those seeking to self-publish their own work. Please click on the button below.

Self-Publishing Sydney: Enquiries

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Julie Dawson
Anna was knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Loved that she listened to what I wanted to do and then helped me to achieve it in such a short time. Thank you.
Joyce Young
The students in my 3rd - 5th grade virtual Book Club LOVED Anna's book Get Off My Lawn! So, it was not surprise that they were over the moon about her visit to our final book club meeting. The students asked smart and probing questions and Anna was engaging and warm as they interviewed her. A few students even expressed interest in working with Anna on promoting her books in the future!
Erika Sneath
Pacific Preparatory (a virtual 1:1 school) hosted a book club specifically centered around "Get Off My Lawn!" for third, fourth, and fifth grades. We were delighted to receive signed books so quickly, even with international shipping (we're in the United States). Anna was communicative, professional, and engaging. The students, all in 3-5th grades, were absolutely enthralled by her expertise. It was evident that she spent time preparing for the event with special attention to detail. For example, she tasked the participants with an "older or younger" activity that challenged them to reflect upon the evidence that described the ages of each character. The students were so enthralled with the activity that they seemed to forget they were learning! We'd be delighted to welcome Anna back for another visit!
Troy Brennan
Fantastic advice, patiently explained the processes and answered my questions tailoring her advice to my needs. Also provided for follow up in the subsequent weeks.