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Info: Market Stallholder

Here is some info for the beginner market stallholder about running a market stall. It is divided into five parts:

  • Market stallholder info
  • Market Stallholder Checklist: What to bring on the day
  • Planning and budgeting for multiple markets and sharing stalls
  • What to expect on the day
  • ‘Contact me’ form

Market stallholder info

This is where you unload your car and set up. Usually 1-2 hours before the markets open.

Pack up and load into car, 30mins-1hour after the market closes.

Usually there’s an area where you can unload or load your car, close to the market. Then you park away from the market.

Market opening hours
Can open 9-10am, can close 1-3pm. Depends on the market.

Public liability insurance
Cover is usually for $10 million, but some are $20 million. Depends on the location. Good insurance can cost less than $40 per month. Markets ask for the certificate of currency.

Stall fee
Can range between $60-$180 per day in the inner west, depends on the market.

Indoor vs Outdoor
Your stall may be indoors, or it could be outdoors. Note that your books and merchandise may get damaged in wet weather, if it’s outdoor. Consider protecting your stock with plastic.

Outdoor marquee
Usually covers a 3×3 metre area. Suggest having at least one solid wall (not mesh) to keep the rain/wind/sun off you and your stock.

POS system
You can get square, either app or hardware. I bank with NAB and I successfully applied for a POS system on my android phone. I think Westpac offers something similar for iPhone.

Cash float
I also keep denominations to give as cash change to customers.

Application info
They ask for things like business name, type of product being sold, pictures of products. It is under the market’s discretion whether they accept your stall. They also send you an info pack about the market.

A Whim Away PTY LTD
I run my promotions under my publishing business. I have public liability insurance with NRMA Business Insurance for the whole year, up to $20 million cover which is on the higher end.

I would like to share my stall with other authors to sell our books. I am located in Inner West Sydney. We would share the cost of the market stall and insurance, equally between authors. I would provide things like the marquee, chairs and table, and you can donate $2 to the use of that, voluntarily.

Authors keep 100% of the proceeds of the sale of their own books.

Market Stallholder Checklist: What to bring on the day

Here is my actual checklist for a recent market we did.

Sale and display – fabric box

The items for sale and the things to display them
Business cards
Merch: Stickers, bookmarks, flyers
DL Flyer holder
Books – 6x CK,
Books – 6x GOML
File rack
Pay method laminated sheet
A5 laminated sheets
Price signs
Cash Float
square QR code laminated sheet

Stationery – fabric box

Things to write, stick and cut:
Purple pens
Double sided tape/
paper tape/
Velcro tape

Miscellaneous fabric box

Hand sanitizer
Power bank
Charger cables USB type c
Box tissues
Octopus straps
Alcohol wipes
Plastic drop sheet
Garbage bags

Marquee miscellaneous

Side walls
Marquee roof
Table cloth

Soft Esky

Food and water
Snacks and food
Water and bottle
Ice packs


Separate list of the bundled items to pack into the car:
Fold up chair x2 and table
Soft esky
Fabric box
Weights x4

Planning and budgeting for multiple markets and sharing stalls

Here is a plan I did on an excel spreadsheet to keep track of the various markets I’m doing, when they’re on, how much it costs per person, etc.

I also have a note on my phone that keeps track of the requirements of each market, such as bump-in times, market opening times, size of the space, public liability insurance requirements, and so on.

What to expect on the day

Don’t be disheartened if you make zero sales on the day. Markets are highly variable beasts for the market stallholder.

Instead, I have flyers that I give to people to find my website, and to potentially buy via one of the methods I have available online.

I see markets as a form of promotion, as well as networking. It’s also a great way to contribute to the local community.

Good luck!

Contact me about market stalls

Do you have a question? Or maybe you want to try out a market stall with me? Please drop me a line below!

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